Tuning Magnets


Use these magnets to lower the tuning of your kalimba per tine.

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Use these magnets to adjust the tuning of your kalimba per tine. Slide the magnet up and down the tine rather than changing the length of the tine or use it on the fly for the occasional sharp, flat, or natural that your kalimba is not tuned to play!

To lower the pitch, slide the magnet closer to the bottom of the tine. If you need a higher pitch, the magnet will need to be applied to a different tine. For example, if you have an F tine but need, the magnet would need to be applied to the G tine to make it flat (F sharp and G flat are the same note).

Larger, heavier magnets will change more the tune more dramatically, while lighter magnets will offer you the most control.

Sold in packs of 10 or 20. More sizes coming soon.

Free shipping in the continental US! Contact us for orders outside of this area. (Free shipping to almost all places worldwide.)

Looking for a good starter kalimba? If it's within your budget, we recommend the Gecko K17MBR. You can buy it here. We only recommend products from brands we know and trust. Sometimes, referrals to outside resources result in a commission, which is applied to the operation of this website and the free educational resources we provide. Please check out our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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10 – 3mm x 1mm, 20 – 3mm x 1mm, 10 – 4mm x 1.5mm, 20 – 4mm x 1.5mm, 10 – 5mm x 2mm, 20 – 5mm x 2mm


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