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17-Key, Beginner

Lora Lie Lo (I’ll Fly for You)

Fans of the Amazon show Carnival Row are often drawn to “Lora Lie Lo”, a song sung by one of the characters. It’s haunting melody is actually quite simple to play on a standard (diatonic) kalimba.

Click the link to download the PDF file. Tabs are read from bottom to top on each page. Tabs were created with the Kalimba Real/Kalimba Royal app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

From Season 1, Episode 5. Sung by Patty Gurdy as Aisling Querelle (not verified). Composer unknown (could not find any info). All rights belong to the original owner. Arrangement is for educational purposes only.

Game version: 0:00
Note version: 0:45

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Tabs created with the Kalimba Real / Kalimba Roya app. Video used with permission. Get the app here for more tabs, including PDFs: https://www.sonoscore.com/

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